Fearless Eye are testifying experts in scientific visualization, measurement, and reconstruction for the legal industry. We specialize in site inspection, evidence analysis, and visual reconstruction. We combine elements such as key facts, photography, video, survey data, testimony, and expert opinion into easy to understand and compelling presentations.


Years in Operation


Years of Experience




First Legal Case

Brad Mathison testified in Federal Court as to the validity and accuracy of the methodology used to produce the animations. The jury awarded damages of 11.7 million and assigned Subaru of America, Inc. and Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd. 56% of the fault.


Princess Diana Crash

King World New York wanted to produce a documentary on the details of Princess Diana’s fatal automobile accident. We were hired to produce a series of animations portraying the vehicle dynamics of the Mercedes automobile as it entered the tunnel and lost control.


Sugar Creek Toxic Spill

Using accurate detailed maps of the area that included residents’ locations, the Missouri River, Sugar Creek, the Amoco Oil Refinery and Benzene concentrations, we produced illustrations used to depict resident proximity to Benzene concentrations.


September 11th

Immediately following the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, Fox News New York hired us to provide 3D educational information concerning the structural elements that kept the World Trade Center from collapsing immediately upon impact from the hijacked airliners.


Governor Carnahan Plane Crash

After combining FAA flight data, air traffic control voice transcripts, and audio recordings we produced animations showing the airplane’s flight path, highlighting key points in the flight in which loss of ground control was made evident by radio silence and erratic flight behavior. Superimposed text and simultaneous playback of flight recordings during the animations produced a comprehensive record of events for the jury.


Derrick Thomas

After the fatal Derrick Thomas crash, we measured the vehicle roof crush with a specialized sonic digitizer to collect an accurate reading of the roof failure that occurred, built the accident vehicle in 3D, and produced animations of the biomechanics and injury of the driver according to expert testimony.


Vioxx Class Action

To visually explain the physical effects of Vioxx, we zoomed into the inner workings of the human heart showing normal blood flow, plaque bursts and the body’s reaction with and without Vioxx in its system.


Veteran’s Day Parade

During a veteran’s day parade in Midland, TX, one of the floats carrying war veterans and their families was struck by a train. We traveled to the site to collect survey, laser scan, photography, and video data and created a 3D model of the event. Using videogrammetry, we were able to place all the vehicles in time and space and illustrate that the train crew could have seen the police escort lights and the parade motorcade long before they braked the train.


Schlitter­­­­­­bahn Kansas City

Following a fatal accident on the “World’s Tallest Waterslide”, we were asked to document, collect, and assimilate all the available data from the waterslide, raft, and witness testimony to assist in determining what happened that day and why.